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Yearly Committed Club 2019

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Congratulations to our members of the committed club who took 15 or more classes EVERY month for the entire year of 2019! We are truly proud of all 83 of you for JUST SHOWING UP! You will each be receiving a Limited Edition CFPB Committed Club tee to reward your commitment to your health and community!

Here is a full list of our yearly members for 2019:

Alina Cascante
Allison Waldman
Amy Mattessich
Amy Sabol
Ana Carvalho
Andrew Frezza
Andy Habermann
Anthony Utter
April Vradenburg
Arlan Carroll
Austin Bettigrew
Barb Vollender
Bob Calhoun
Brandee Powers
Brent Padon
Brett Noll
Brian Lantzy
Britney Stroever
Cathy Spicer
Christi Bartelme
Christina Kenny
Christine Curran
Colton Partlow
Daniel Olano
Danielle Bettigrew
Denise Mojica
Donna Hoagland
Dustin Schwarz
Elizabeth Martin
Erica Whyman
Heather Martin
Holly Barnhart
Ileana (Lily) Harrold
Jennifer King
Jessica Leone
Jim Anderson
John McLaughlin
Jen Eisenman
Jen Oliver
Jena Bymaster
Jennifer Eppert
Kaitlin Laganelli
Katelyn (Katie) Noll
Katy Martin
Kelly Bennett
Kelly Schwarz
Kiera Anderson
Kimmi Denesha
Kristen Vollender
Kyle Cundy
Kyle Donham
Laura Coffey
Laura Spalding
Lauren Donham
Lauren King
Marcy Lantzy
Marti Giambruno
Matt Gilles
Maura Curran
Melissa Dixon
Michael Pugsley
Mike Seminerio
Natalie Terrana
Nicole Mincey
Pamela Li
Patrick Collins
Peter Bosco
Peter Mollengarden
Ron Rigaudon
Sam Kirby
Sarah Harrell
Shannon Frezza
Susan Messenger
Susie Marsh
Tammy Anton
Tara Chernekoff
Taylor Reeves
Tony Bennett
Tony Frezza
Travis Webster
Trina Mclaughlin
Wendy Manley
Wilmarie Ortiz
Zach Summers

We will be announcing the winners for December, the 4th quarter and the annual grand prize winners live on social media!! If you would like to know more about our Committed Club, how to get in it, or the “why” behind it, please feel free to reach out to a staff member!

***If you feel that you are supposed to be on this list and you are missing, please let Melissa or Rachel know and we will double check your attendance for the year!!***