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WODs and Programming Notes for Week of 9.7.15

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“Pain is temporary.  It may last for a minute, or an hour, or a day, or even a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.  If I quit however, it will last forever.”  Eric Thomas


Monday 9/7/15

Labor Day – 8, 9, and 10 AM Classes Only!

Hero WOD “Rankel”

U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant John Rankel of Speedway, Indiana, was killed on June 7, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

20 Min AMRAP:  Compare to 4.30.14

6 Deadlifts S(155/105) RX(185/125) RTG(225/155)

7 Burpee Pull Ups S(Burpee Jumping Pull Ups)

10 Kettlebell Swings S(44/26) RX(53/35) RTG(70/44)

200 M Run


WOD Tips:
-If you did this WOD before, know your score and commit to a pace that will beat your previous best.  Just don’t come out too hot, too early since 20 minutes is a longer AMRAP. 

-Deadlifts should be light enough that you can do them unbroken each set.  Kettlebell swings will also fatigue your low back and hamstrings.

-Use your momentum from your jump to help you with the pull ups.  If you can’t do the full burpee pull up, stack up a couple 45 lb plates so you can use more jump and less pull.


Tuesday 9/8/15

Every 90 Seconds For 5 Rounds:

Set 1) Snatch (Squat) 1.1 – Rest 20-30 Seconds Between Singles – Start heavy and increase weight slightly each round if form is good.

Set 2) 8 Tall Box Jumps S(24/20) RX(30/24) RTG(40/30)


Core WOD


WOD Tips:

-Use today to continue to refine your Snatch technique since this is our primary skill for the next 5 weeks.  Prioritize technique, especially the squat, over the weight. 

-Utilize the full 20-30 seconds between your Snatch reps.  If you feel like you are fresh before the 20 seconds is up, then you probably need to go a little heavier with the snatch weight. 

-We are using the tall box jumps to work on being explosive which goes hand-in-hand with the explosiveness of the Olympic lifts like the snatch.  The box should be high enough to feel like a challenge, but not so high that you are missing the box.   If you don’t feel comfortable doing the taller box jump, you can do 15 box jumps at a lower height. 


Wednesday 9/9/15

Strength WOD: Back Squats 7 @ 50%, 5 @ 60%, 3 @ 70%, 3 @ 80%, AMRAP @ 85%


5 Rounds Tabata/Station For Max Reps:

#1: Goblet Squats S(44/26) RX(53/35) RTG(Alternating Pistols)

#2: Ring Dips S(Ft Elevated on Box)

#3: Airdyne RTG(Assault)

#4: Push Ups

*Do all 5 rounds at one station and then skip a round of tabata to rotate to the next station.  About 40 seconds of rest/transition time.


WOD Tips:

-The percentages for the back squats are based on your most recent 1 rep max, or what you would estimate your current 1 rep max to be.  If you don’t know your 1 rep max, use a weight for the last set that you believe you can get 4-5 times.  The last set you are getting as many good quality reps as you can get at that weight without racking the weight.  You don’t have to go to failure and you shouldn’t keep going if your form breaks down or you aren’t getting below parallel on your squats.

-Kip the ring dips in the tabata workout to save your shoulders and triceps for the push ups.

-Aim to be consistent on each round and on each movement.  The 10 second rest will go by faster than you think and you don’t want to hit a wall by rounds 2 or 3.

-If you can’t get at least 4 or more push ups in 20 seconds, scale to a band or box. 


Thursday 9/10/15

Skill/Strength Work:  Power Cleans – 12 Minutes to work up to 120% of the weight you plan to use in the WOD for a set of 5


12 Rounds For Time: (Alternating full rounds with a partner)

10 Power Cleans S(95/65) RX(115/75) RTG(135/95)

60 FT Sled Push S/RX(90/45) RTG(180/90)

10 Burpees


WOD Tips:

-Work on your footwork in the power cleans.  You should be landing in your squat stance on each rep, about shoulder width apart.

-Don’t worry about going too heavy before the workout, we are just trying to work on technique and wake up the nervous system to be ready for the WOD.

-Try to go unbroken on the power cleans each set.  We have purposely put them at the start of every round so you will be fresh for each set, since you are resting while your partner goes.

-You should be able to take each round at a fairly high intensity.  Go fast on the sled push and burpees.


Friday 9/11/15

Skill/Strength WOD: EMOM for 5 Minutes – 1 Set of Strict Pull Ups RTG(Strict Chest to Bar)


“Never Forget” – Compare to 9.11.14 and 9.11.13

9 Rounds For Time:

11 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14)

20 Double Unders S(10 Double Unders or 60 Singles)

01 Rope Climb


WOD Tips:

-Stay consistent on the strict pull up sets, conserving a few reps in the first couple rounds, and then push the last set to failure.

-If you don’t have strict pull ups, work on a super slow banded pull up or 2-5 negatives each minute.

-For the benchmark wod, know your previous score and try to beat it. 

-Wall Balls should be unbroken for most rounds.


Saturday 9/12/15

8 Rounds For Time: (alternating full rounds with a partner)

500 M Row

15 Overhead Squats S(95/65) RX(125/85) RTG(155/105)


WOD Tips:

-Work on your efficiency and pacing on the row.  You will be doing a total of 2000 meters so we don’t want to wear down too early.

-Damper setting should be fairly low for this WOD. (4-7)

-Try to do the overhead squats in 2-3 sets.  If it takes more sets than that, then you are probably too heavy.