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What Are The Band Levels?

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Hey CFPB Fam, 

We can’t believe CFPB just turned 6! Thank you to everyone who has helped make our community what it is, from our amazing parents, wives, team of coaches and staff, and members. And thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday to help us celebrate. To see the Facebook album party pics click here.

At the party we gave out presents to all the members who have been with us for over 100 workouts. If you didn’t pick up your gift yet, it’s waiting at the front desk for you. For our newer members who haven’t reached 100 WODs yet, there are blue bracelets at the front desk for you to have.

Since most of you have already received your gift and I’m not ruining the surprise, let me explain the band bracelets and how they came about.

Through our six years as a gym, we’ve tried a lot of different things. When you run a service business, you want to please everyone. Sometimes that goal to please everyone can take you away from your main purpose.

Our main purpose is to get as many people as possible to realize a fitter life for themselves, a superhuman life. We want CrossFit to be accessible to every level of fitness because it’s not about where you start, it’s how much you improve. It’s the quality of life you attain outside the gym that matters. We want to be the thing in your life that makes everything else better. Your best hour of your day, every day.

There is a lot of noise in the fitness industry and a ton of options to choose from. If you’ve visited other CrossFit gyms, you know they are all very different. Many will have scoreboards in your face or a leaderboard for benchmark workouts. Sure it can be inspiring to some, but we think the real inspiration comes from the life changing stories of the members, not some freakish Fran times on the wall.

You guys are CrossFit Palm Beach, every one of you. From BeachFit to CrossFit, from the top of the SugarWOD scoreboard to the bottom, each and every one of you have an inspiring story to tell. Each of you have inspired us to be better coaches, athletes, and people.

It’s why this holiday we wanted to recognize our people.  But we couldn’t do it in a way that simply highlighted the fittest in the gym. We had to do it according to our purpose, our mission to get EVERYONE living a superhuman life.

Through all the noise, we believe a superhuman life can be found in the simple act of showing up. It’s why 2017’s Committed Club for the year received shirts with “Just Show Up” across the front. It’s why it’s printed on the first level of bands in our new band milestones.

There is no substitute for consistent, repeated actions that are in line with your goals. No magic pill, supplement, world famous coach or programming will get you the results consistent class taking can get you. If you show up, give your best, and love the process, the results will take care of themselves.

Our new band milestones recognize the amount of workouts our athletes have taken. How many times they just showed up. With each milestone comes a new band, all the way up to the special 1000 WOD t-shirt/tank.

There are band milestones for 100 WODs, 300, 500, and 750.  Each band has it’s own unique, motivating message. Each month we will be recognizing the athletes who have passed a new milestone.

To see how many total workouts you have to your name, check out the all-time tally of workouts posted here as of 12-5-18.

We love the excitement a new year brings with clean slates and new goals. We hope you guys are encouraged by the amount of workouts you’ve done, and are motivated to see that number grow in 2019.

In 2019, we will still have our Committed Club raffle prizes for each month, quarter, and year. If you missed out on the 2018 Committed Club shirt, set a goal this next year to make it happen. Remember, 15 or more visits per month, every month.

I know it’s a crazy concept. A gym that actually rewards you for showing up. I’ll say it again for emphasis, it doesn’t matter where your score is in SugarWOD or if you even enter a score in SugarWOD. It matters that you invested one hour of your day into yourself.

Let these bands be a reminder that you invested in yourself. We are more than happy to make these investments in ways to help you recognize your achievements. Showing up is an achievement.

Keep showing up,