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CrossFit Week of WODs 10.28.19

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Monday 10.28.19

Strength/Skill Work: 15 minutes to build to a heavy Snatch Double
*Performed as two snatch singles

“Toe the Line”

4 Rounds: (11 minute cap)

5 Power Snatch F(75/55) P(95/65) S(115/75)
7 Overhead Squats

9 Toes to Bar F(Knee to Chest) S(12 Toes to Bar)
30 Double Unders F(60 singles)

WOD Tips:
– The focus today will be the Snatch, which we will have in both the strength and the metcon. During the strength we will have a 15 minute window to build to a heavy double snatch. The double will be performed as two singles, dropping and resetting for 5-10 seconds before your next lift. This isn’t a lot of time to build, so don’t expect to find a new PR weight, but you can work to a heavy weight today.
– “Toe the Line” will be a FAST 4 round workout to end the week. Pick a weight on the barbell that you can hang onto for all the reps tap and go when fresh. Ideally on your last rep, you should be able to keep it overhead and go directly into your Overhead Squats. For the Toes to Bar this should be a rep number that we can complete unbroken each round, even as the fatigue sets in. The Double Unders should also be a quick movement. Modify the number down if you need, or substitute single unders instead to keep moving. The goal for this workout is sub-10 minutes.



Tuesday 10.29.19

“Around the Horn”
20 min AMRAP:
20 SA DB Push Press F(40/25) P(50/35) S(60/45)

20 Box Jumps F(Step-ups) P/S(24/20)
20/16 Cal Bike Erg
240 ft. D-Ball Front Carry F(60/40) P(70/50) S(80/60)

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– Similar to last Tuesday, this is going to be a chipper styled AMRAP. For the DB Push Press we want to keep the arms even, but you can break the reps up as needed. When selecting a weight you should be able to do at least 10+ reps unbroken when fresh. The Box Jumps will be at a normal height, and can be modified to step-ups if needed. The Bike is a good amount of calories each round, so find a pace that you can push, but not burn yourself out too quickly. The D-Ball will be a Front Carry around the rig for two laps. The goal is to pick a weight that you do not have to put down for the two laps. The goal of this workout is to try and complete 4 rounds.



Wednesday 10.30.19

Strength/Skill Work: 12 minute EMOM:
Min 1: 6 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (30×1) (R)

Min 2: 6 Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats (30×1) (L)
Min 3: 6-8 Side Plank Rotations (30×1) (R)
Min 4: 6-8 Side Plank Rotations (30×1) (L)

“Red Light, Green Light”
For Max Reps:
Tabata Ski Erg

– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata Air Squats
– Rest 1 minute –
Tabata Strict Pull-ups F(Ring Rows or 1-2 Negatives)

WOD Tips:
– The two big focuses we have in today’s WOD are Squatting and Pulling. During the strength we will be focusing on single leg strength with the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats. These will have a tempo attached, so focus on controlling the lowering phase and exploding out of the hole. The Split Squats will be paired with Side Plank Rotations using the same slow and controlled tempo.
– “Red Light, Green Light” is a true Tabata WOD. For this workout your score will be the total number of reps you accumulate throughout this entire WOD. For a true Tabata you will have 8 rounds of :20 on/:10 off interval. For all of the movements the goal is to hit a number in round 1 that you can sustain for the other 7 rounds. The Pull-ups or Ring Rows will be the most challenging of the three. To avoid a total blow up, hit a number on the first few rounds that you KNOW you can hold onto. This might even mean that the first few rounds feel “easy”. You will have 1 minute off between the movements to write your score down and take a quick break.



Thursday 10.31.19

CFPB Triathlon 2.0”

For Time: (38 Min Cap)

1.5 Mile Run F(1 Mile Run)

2k Row (1500m Row)

5K Bike Erg (4K Bike)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is one that we will benchmark a couple times each year.  It is a great aerobic test of the 3 most common monostructural movements we see at CrossFit Palm Beach, the run, row, and bike.  This will be the 2.0 version of this workout as we phase out the Assault Bike and replace them with the Bike Ergs. This is a workout that you will want to pace out in the beginning and try to increase pace as it goes on. Our goal is for all three movements to take around the same amount of time, so if you need to modify a movement try to just pick your worst movement and keep the other two the same. Make sure we get this workout plugged into SugarWOD.



Friday 11.1.19

Strength/Skill Work: Every 1:30 for 6 Rounds perform 5 Banded Deadlifts

*Working up to working weight or slightly heavier

“Brick by Brick”
12 min AMRAP (Partner WOD):

Buy-In: 150 Wall-Balls F(14/10) P(20/14) S(30/20)

20 Deadlifts F(155/105) P(185/125) S(225/155)

30 Burpees Over the Bar

WOD Tips:
– The focus for the day is the deadlift which we will have in both the strength and metcon. The strength portion will be used as a chance to build up to or slightly past our working weight. We will be adding a band to the deadlifts in the strength to add more resistance, and give you the chance to work on finishing the pull. The deadlift usually gets easier the higher you get up the leg, but with the band it gets more challenging.
– “Brick by Brick” is a partner AMRAP that will allow you to share reps however you wish. For the buy-in, pick a weight on wall-balls that you could do at least 20 unbroken reps with, but as a team we would recommend breaking it into smaller sets to stay moving – this should take around 6 minutes. With any remaining time after the Wall-Balls you will AMRAP through the 20 Deadlifts and 30 Burpees Over the Bar. The deadlifts should be a weight that you can break into 5’s or split 10-10 the entire workout. For the Burpees Over the Bar these should be performed laterally. Like the wall-balls, split these reps early to keep the intensity high.



Saturday 11.2.19