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Wednesday Workout of the Day 1.918

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Wednesday 1.9.19

“Strong Hand”

30 Min AMRAP:

100’ D-Ball Front Carry F(60/50) P(80/60) S(100/80)

120’ Sled Push F(90/45) P/S(135/90)

100m SA Farmer’s Carry (50m/Side) F(35/26) P(44/35) S(53/44)

16 Side Plank Rotations (8/Side) @ 3030 Tempo

400m Ski Erg

WOD Tips:
“Strong Hand” is a long 30 min grind, with each movement taking some time to get through. Today’s big focus should be moving with intention, and the quality of movement. For the strongman type movements (D-Ball Carry, Sled Push, and Farmers Carry), we want you to push the weights, but not to the point that you break down in technique. The side plank rotations are a simple movement, but when done with a slow controlled tempo can be a very challenging test. Slow the movement down, and work to get a large range of motion during the rotations. The last movement is the ski erg. This is a longer distance for the ski, so find a consistent pace out of the gate. Because these movements are longer in nature, the goal for the day is to complete 4-5+ rounds.


BeachFit Workout of the Day

Wednesday 1.9.19


 5 Rounds

1:00 Max reps of Bike Erg Cals

1:00 Max reps of Push Ups

-Rest 2:00-


Cool Down