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Wednesday 2.15.17 Workout of the Day

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“Bar Crawl” – (In teams of 3)

7 Min AMRAP:

50 Bench Press S(95/65) RX(135/95)

50 Bench Press S(115/75) RX(155/105)

AMRAP Bench Press S(135/85) RX(185/115)

7 Min AMRAP:

50 Front Squats S(95/65) RX(135/95)

50 Front Squats S(115/75) RX(155/105)

AMRAP Front Squats S(135/85) RX(185/115)

7 Min AMRAP:

50 Deadlifts S(155/105) RX(185/135)

50 Deadlifts S(185/125) RX(225/155)

AMRAP Deadlifts S(205/145) RX(275/185)

**3 Mins Rest Between AMRAPs


WOD Tips:

-Today is a strength-focused day. We will do each AMRAP in teams of 3, with only one person working at a time, so you will have a good amount of

rest in each AMRAP. Challenge yourself a little with the weight today. On the first set of each AMRAP, you should be able to perform 15+ reps in a

row with the weight you choose. The 2 nd weight should allow you to perform 10+ reps in a row, and the final weight you should still be able to

move 5+ reps in a row. Keep your sets small during the WOD to allow your teammates more turns and to keep yourself fresh for the heavier

weights. Transition time can eat up a lot of time in this workout, so keep transition time short and try to have one person working at all time.