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Wednesday 10.26.16 Workout of the Day

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“Guts and Glory”

For Time:


Assault Bike for Calories S(Airdyne)

DB Thrusters S(30/20) RX(35/25) RTG(45/35)


Row for Calories

Hang Squat Cleans S(55/45) RX(75/55) RTG(95/65)


Burpees Over the Bar

Overhead Squats S(55/45) RX(75/55) RTG(95/65)


WOD Tips:

-In today’s workout, each section will take place immediately after the prior section, with no rest in between.  Expect this one to take

-The weights for the dumbbell and barbell movements should be fairly light and you should be able to get big sets of 10-15 reps throughout all 3 sections.  The weight for the squat cleans should be the same as the overhead squats. 

-Try to keep a moderate intensity on the bike and row, without going all out in those early rounds or dropping off in the later rounds.