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Wednesday 10.18.17 Workout of the Day

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Strength/Skill Work:

Every 4 minutes for 4 Rounds: (Start @ 65% of your front squat max and build each round)
3 Front Squats
-rest 20 seconds-
6-8 Back Squats
-rest 2-3 minutes-
4 Rounds (Each) for Maximum Intensity: (In teams of 4-5)
5 Tuck Jumps (AFAP)
10 Plate Hops
:15 Second Max Effort Row Sprint
*Perform recovery air squats while teammate #2 goes, then rest until your turn comes up again. Score = Highest Cals/Hr you see on the monitor.

WOD Tips:
-After 2 cardio-focused days, today is all about strength and power output. The strength work will be a unique challenge in that we will be doing a set of front squats
and then almost immediately going into a set of back squats. In most athletes, our back squats should be about 10-20% stronger than our front squats, so we should
still have some back squats left in the tank, even though our front squats feel fatigued. The goal for each set is to perform a challenging set of 3 front squats, and
then to “burn out” with a moderate set of back squats. You will have 4 sets to build and plenty of rest between sets. Start on the moderate side (65%) and see if you

can add weight each set. Utilize the full rest and don’t rush these today. If you are doing this properly, you will want/need the full 2-3 minutes of rest after the back
-Today’s workout is a variation of a workout that CrossFit Aerobic Capacity coach Chris Hinshaw ran us through at the Aerobic Capacity seminar we hosted a couple
months back. While CrossFit workouts are typically very intense, it’s still rare for us to perform a true all out sprint. Today is an opportunity to work on our maximal
effort, with no worries about how long we can sustain it for. Today is an opportunity to free yourself from any expectations and just go for it. Have fun with it and
see if you can tap into a speed you have never experienced before.
-The theory behind this workout is that we can prime the nervous system for an all out effort. By starting with the tuck jumps and the plate hops, we gear up the
nervous system to be explosive and fast. Once we hop on the row, our goal is to get the cals/hr to the highest possible number. It doesn’t matter if you can only hold
that number for a second or two, today is all about how high we can get that peak output. The air squats are there to show us that it’s possible to recover without
having to completely stop what we are doing. Perform these slow enough where you feel better when the set is done then when you started.