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Wednesday 1.11.17 Workout of the Day

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“Tri-Sprint Intervals” 
5 X 4 Min AMRAPs
20/15 Calorie Assault Bike S(Airdyne)

30/20 Calorie Row
AMRAP Target Burpees in Remaining Time

*4 Mins Rest Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips;

-After a day focused solely on lifting, today will be completely focused on conditioning.  This is a similar format to the 3 ON/3 Off, 4 On/4 Off formats we have been doing the last few months, but with a few rounds added.  Because there aren’t any heavy weights or difficult gymnastics movements to slow you down, you should be able to go pretty hard during each round.  The assault bike and row should take you around 60-90 seconds each, so that should leave you about 1-2 minutes for the burpees each round.  If you aren’t getting at least a minute of burpees at the end, consider scaling down the reps or using the airdyne bike instead of the assault bike.  The goal is to go hard each round but remain consistent from round to round.  The burpee target should be approximately 6” above your standing reach.