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Tuesday 5.2.17 Workout of the Day

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4 Min AMRAP:

21 Power Snatch S(75/55) RX(95/65)

21 Burpees Over the Bar

4 Min AMRAP:

18 Power Snatch S(95/65) RX(115/80)

18 Burpees Over the Bar

4 Min AMRAP:

15 Power Snatch S(115/75) RX(135/95)

15 Burpees Over the Bar

*Max Calorie Row in Remaining Time of Each AMRAP

**Rest 4 Minutes Between AMRAPs


WOD Tips:

-Crowbar is an interval workout with 4 minute working intervals and 4 minutes rest between each interval. The goal with this workout is to get at least 1 minute on

the rower in each AMRAP. For the snatches, the weight should start light and increase to a moderate weight by the 3 rd round. When choosing your weights, try to

find a weight that will take you about 2 sets the 1 st AMRAP, 3 sets for the 2 nd AMRAP, and 4 sets for the 3 rd AMRAP. Since each interval is only 4 minutes long, we want

to try to stay with bigger sets on the snatches and keep the intensity high on the burpees over the bar. The row should also be a hard effort knowing that you have 4

minutes rest between sets.