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Tuesday 5.16.17 Workout of the Day

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“Lead Foot” 

Compare to 11.15.16

4 Min AMRAP:

27 Calorie Row

27 Burpees

27 Chest to Bar Pull Ups S(Pull Ups)

4 Min AMRAP:

21 Calorie Row

21 Burpees

21 Toes-to- Bar S(Knees to Chest)

4 Min AMRAP:

15 Calorie Row

15 Burpees

15 Pull-ups S(Ring Rows)

*Rest 4 Minutes Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:

-“Lead Foot” is a retest from November, so the goal for today is to see if we can outdo our performance from 6 months ago. This workout is designed to make you go

hard right out of the gates, so you can make sure you get as much time on the pull up bar in the first round. The reps will decrease for rounds 2 and 3, which will

make it easier to accomplish a full round and hopefully get back to the rower or potentially the burpees. Some good benchmarks to shoot for are to aim to get

almost 1 full round on the 1 st AMRAP, get back to the rower on the 2 nd AMRAP, and get back to the burpees on the 3 rd AMRAP. The gymnastics movement will also

change each round, and should hopefully get easier with subsequent AMRAP. In order to do the RX for today, you should be able to complete 5+ unbroken reps of

chest to bar pull ups and toes to bar when fresh.