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Tuesday 4.25.17 Workout of the Day

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Strength/Skill Work:

Every 90 Seconds for 5 Sets Complete 1 Set of Strict Ring Pull Ups S(Negatives) RTG(Strict Ring Muscle Ups)

“Team Boat Race”

(21 Min Cap)

6 Rounds For Time:

(In teams of 2 – alternating full rounds)

500 M Row S(400)

400 M Run S(300)


WOD Tips:

-With Murph around the corner and many of our athletes having goals related to pull ups and muscle ups, we are using today’s skill work to build

our upper body pulling strength. Because of the instability of the rings, many of you will find this to be a little more difficult than regular bar pull

ups, but it is a great way to get stronger for when you return to those. If you don’t quite have the strength for ring pull ups, you can work on a leg-

assisted ring pull up or negatives on the rings, or scale further to ring rows. If you are very strong at strict pull ups, today would be a great day to

practice your string ring muscle ups or maybe work towards trying to get your first. For each set, do a max set, but keep yourself about 1-2 reps

away from failure, so you can be consistent across the 5 sets. On sets 4 and 5, you can push closer to failure.

-Team Boat Race is relay style partner workout where one athlete will complete a full round of the row and run and then their partner will go.

Since it is only 3 rounds each and you have rest built in, you should be going around 85-90% intensity for each effort. This should look very much

like a sprint compared to our normal running and rowing pace.