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Tuesday 4.11.17 Workout of the Day

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Congratulations to Jeff Anderson for winning the Superhuman Challenge! Check out our blog for his whole story!



28 Min AMRAP: (In teams of 3 – Alternating every round)

12/9 Calorie Row

9 Power Snatches S(55/35) RX(75/55)

6 Toes to Bar S(3 T2B/6 Knees to Chest)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is a longer team workout, where your teammates will dictate how much rest you have between rounds. This is essentially an

interval workout where you are resting about twice as long as you are working. Each round should take a little over a minute to complete and

should be treated like a sprint, especially on the rower and the transitions between movements. You can go a little slower on the power snatches

to ensure that your form is good. Choose a weight on the power snatches where you can stay unbroken for most or all of this workout. These

should be light and a lot of athletes may opt to just do a muscle snatch. The toes to bar should be unbroken as well, so choose an appropriate

amount of reps for you where you can do most or all of your rounds unbroken.