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Tuesday 3.28.17 Workout of the Day

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Rachel smashing 17.5 last week!! Btw… Baby Mohseni comes tomorrow!!!



Strength/Skill Work:

8 Minutes to work up to a Heavy 5 Overhead Squat

8 Minutes to work up to a Heavy 4 Front Squat

8 Minutes to work up to a Heavy 3 Back Squat

8 Min AMRAP:

60 FT Plate Push S(35/25) RX(45/35)

30 FT Overhead Walking Lunges

10 Burpees to Plate


WOD Tips:

-Today is primarily a strength-focused day with squatting as the primary focus. Depending on how you feel today, you can go heavy during the

strength work or you can choose to focus more on technique. Since most of you have gone through 5 tough week of the Open, you may not go too

heavy for each movement.

-We are starting with the toughest squat for most, the overhead squat, so you should be able to lift more weight as you progress to the front

squats and then the back squats. Aim to do about 4-5 sets for each movement in the 8 minute time frame.

-Today’s AMRAP is a quick finisher to all the strength work of today. You will be using your plate for the entire AMRAP. We will be doing a new

variation of a sled push where you will be pushing a plate on its own. You will then do overhead walking lunges with the plate and immediately go

into burpees where you will jump onto the plate each time. This is a short AMRAP so the goal is to push a high intensity for all 8 minutes.