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Tuesday 3.14.17 Workout of the Day

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Jeff Anderson rockin’ chest-to-bars with ease.


Strength/Skill Work:

“Press Room”

8 Minutes to Work to a Heavy 5 Strict Press

8 Minutes to Work to a Heavy 3 Push Press

8 Minutes to Work to a Heavy Single Push Jerk


For Time: (In teams of 3)

200/150 Cal Assault Bike S(Airdyne)


Kipping Handstand Push Up Practice


WOD Tips:

-Today is mostly a strength-focused day, working on 3 of our overhead barbell pressing movements. You will have 8 minutes to work on each pressing movement.

For each section, the final set or two should be very tough. Because the reps are decreasing and you are able to use more of your lower body and hips, you should be

able to use considerably more for the push press, and then for the push jerk.

-For the last part of class, you will have a choice. If you want to get some conditioning in, we will be doing an assault bike sprint workout in teams of 3. If you would

rather practice your handstand push ups, since they are likely to come up this week or next in the Open, you can do this instead. The bike should ideally be done

under 8-10 minutes. Since it is short and you have rest built in, you should be going all out whenever it is your turn on the bike. Keep your individual work intervals

to about 20 seconds or less.