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Tuesday 2.14.17 Workout of the Day

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Strength/Skill Work:

Handstand Push Ups

Every 90 Seconds for 5 Sets – 5-15 Handstand Push Ups S(HS Hold/DB Strict Press)


“Black and Blue”

5 Rounds For Time: (12 Min Cap)

10 Power Cleans S(95/65) RX(115/80) RTG(135/95)

200 M Run


WOD Tips:

-The handstand push ups skill work will be similar to yesterday’s muscle ups in that we are trying to accumulate a good amount of quality reps.

Fatigue will be a little more of a factor today, since you will have less rest between sets and we want to try to go for a pretty big set unbroken. Try

to hit a number of reps that you can maintain for all 5 sets. Most people should aim to hit between 5-10 reps each set. HSPU ninjas can aim for 10-

15 each round.

-Black and Blue should be a short and fast workout and the goal is to complete it under 10 minutes. Each set of power cleans should be done in 2-3

sets and we want you to try to hold onto the bar today, rather than resorting to singles. The weight should be light enough where you should have

no problem doing this for the first few rounds. The runs will serve as a little recovery from the power cleans, but keep the pace fast on these as

well. It’s a short workout, and there is no need to go slow on the runs to conserve energy.