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Tuesday 12.4.18 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

“Running On My Mind”
18 Min AMRAP:
250m Run
1 Set of Max Strict Handstand Push Ups F(Seated DB Press)
*30 Seconds Rest After Each Round

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
– “Running on My Mind” is a great opportunity to work on your run pacing and strict overhead pressing. While this is technically an interval
workout, the rest between rounds is only 30 seconds, so you definitely want to pace the runs. During the Strict Handstand Push-ups you will be
completing one unbroken set each round, with the minimum being 5 reps. If you are not able to hit 5 reps in one set, complete 5 reps before taking
your break. If you are opting for the DB press, pick a weight that will allow you to get between 5-8 reps each round. After each round, make sure
to look at the clock so that you can get your :30 second rest time before completing your next round. The rest should be just enough time to allow
you to write down your score and get back to the start line. Aim for consistent times and reps on each round today. Your score is the total number of Strict HSPU or DB Press today.

BeachFit WOD:


A. On 10:00 clock build to your heaviest:

5-7 DB Bench Press (20X1) 

*After each set complete:

250 meter Bike Erg (Increase pace each set)

-Rest 2:00–




Strict Knees to Chest (Adv: Knees to Elbow)