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Tuesday 10.17.17 Workout of the Day

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Thanks to everyone who came out for the beach WOD. That was a lot of fun and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


Strength/Skill Work:

Strict Chin Ups (12 Min Cap)
1 Max Unbroken Set of Strict Chin Ups
5-4- 3-2- 1 Weighted Strict Chin Ups S(5-4- 3-2- 1 Strict Pull Ups/Elevated or Weighted Ring Rows)
*After Each Set, Perform a 100 M Recovery Jog

“The Sandlot”
3 Rounds For Time: (16 Min Cap)
400 M Run S(250 M)
30 Double Unders S(15 Dubs/75 Singles)
20 Kettlebell Swings S(44/26) RX(53/35)
10 Toes to Bar S(6 T2B/10 Knees to Chest)

WOD Tips:
-Progressing off of last week’s strict pull ups, we are re-introducing weighted pull ups in today’s strength work. We will start with a benchmark set of bodyweight pull
ups, and this is an opportunity to go for a PR. From there, you can use your max set to put together a plan of attack on the weighted pull ups. If you got 10+ pull ups
in your max set, try to add weight for all 5 sets of the weighted pull ups. If you were in the 5-8 range, try to add weight to your later sets. If you were under 5, you
can start with a band and add from there. If you weren’t able to get any strict pull ups, you can work on ring rows, and progressively make them more challenging
with each set.
-“The Sandlot” should be a cardio-focused workout where the goal is to stay unbroken for the entire workout. We are looking for this workout to be around 12
minutes, or about 4 minutes per round. The double unders and toes to bar could create some issues for some athletes, so think about adjusting the reps on these 2
movements, so you don’t lose the intensity of this workout. We’d like to keep each movement to 1-2 sets at most.