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Tuesday 1.31.17 Workout of the Day

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Strength/Skill Work:

Power Clean and Jerk (Push or Split)

12 Minutes to Build to a Heavy Single (90%)


“Clean and Dirty”

12 Min AMRAP:
25 Hang Power Cleans S(95/65) RX(115/80) RTG(135/95)

30/25 Calorie Row
35 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX/RTG(20/14)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength/skill work is an opportunity to practice heavy power clean and jerks without the pressure of the clock.  Even when warming up, most of your reps should be performed as singles, to allow you to physically and mentally reset for every rep.  Aim to finish the strength work at about 90% of your 1 rep max.  The goal for today is to go as heavy as you can go with no misses.  This may mean going a little lighter or heavier than 90% for that final set.

-Today’s WOD will be short and intense.  The cleans and row will tax your grip so try to minimize the amount of time you are holding onto the bar for the hang cleans.  The hang cleans should ideally be done in 2-3 sets each round so choose a weight that is light enough where you can get big sets.  The row can eat up a lot of time in this workout so try to keep a nice minimum pace throughout.  Guys should aim to stay above 1100 cals/hr and ladies should aim to stay above 900 cals/hr.