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Tuesday 1.2.18 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

“Clean Sweep”
Strength/Skill Work:
20 Min EMOM:
1 Squat Clean and Jerk (Push or Split) Build in Weight

For Time: (4 Min Cap)
15 Squat Cleans (80%-85% of Heaviest Weight Above)

WOD Tips:
-Today is very strength and skill oriented with the squat clean being the main focus for today. The EMOM is the main focus for today, where we will be doing 1 clean
and jerk every minute for 20 minutes. This will start very light and you will have plenty of time to build throughout. Early on, the rest will seem long, but it will begin
to speed up once the weights get heavy. The goal for today is to work to the heaviest possible weight with no misses. You will be building throughout the 20
minutes, but you don’t have to increase every minute. Try to hit as close to a perfect rep as possible at each weight before moving on to the next weight. The clean
must be a squat clean, but the jerk can be either a split jerk or push jerk, whatever is more comfortable for you.
-We will finish the day with a quick sprint of 15 squat cleans for time at 80-85% of the heaviest weight from above. The goal for this is to get under 3 minutes, but we
will have a firm 4 minute cap. Move well and efficiently on each rep, and use your breathing between reps to keep your rest consistent and provide a brief recovery
before the next rep.


BeachFit WOD:

“Magic Man”


Min 1- :40 of Row for cals 

Min 2- :40 of DB Front squat (20X1)

Min 3- :40 of Sit ups (Adv: Arms crossed)

Min 4- :40 of Box Jump/Step up