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Tips for Staying on Track Over the Weekend

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Tips for Staying on Track Over the Weekend

by Coach Danielle

We bring so much intention, schedule, and habits to our weekdays, and yet we often let the weekends fly by the seat of our pants.  Fitness, diet, and our health deserve that attention through the weekend so we can feel great heading into Monday! Here are 5 Tips To Make the Most of Every Weekend… 

1. Get a workout in : 

There is nothing more rewarding than starting your weekend off with a great sweaty work out! Waking up bright and early to start off in a healthy way is the first step to being successful throughout the weekend! Not only does getting up early help you be more productive and energized, but you also get a nice little endorphin boost! You will be much more likely to be conscious of what you are eating after working so hard in the gym! 

2. Meal Prep :

Plan out your meals and snacks just like you would during the week and plug it all into MFP.  Consider making something different than you normally would so you don’t get too bored of your normal lunches and dinners! It feels new and fresh, and still keeps you on track!

3. Pre-plan For Any Festivities or Treats: 

If you track your food or even if you don’t, knowing what you have ahead of you can make sure that you’re staying within a reasonable amount of calories for the day.  Planning your outings with friends can help make sure you don’t wreck your diet.  Know you’re going out for a heavy meal for dinner with friends? Eat a high protein/ high veggie lunch and breakfast with little carbs and fats.  Then when you go out you have more flexibility and calories to enjoy yourself with loved ones and not wreck your progress! 

4. Stay Active Outside Of The Gym and Stay Busy:

Boredom eating is real. Plan fun things throughout today to keep your stomach and mind preoccupied. Physical activity such as biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and walking/running not only helps clear your mind, but also will help suppress appetite if you tend to have the weekend munchies! Rest day? Take a book and get out of the house, find a different place to relax so that your’e not tempted to go in the kitchen and grab a snack!

5. Hit your water & veggie goals:

Saturdays and Sundays are just another day.  Make sure that you are hitting your water and veggies goals. Try and fit in 4-6 cups of veggies and 100 oz of water.  Veggies not only are a great source of fiber and will help you stay full, but you will feel much better to start your week when you are hydrated and full of micronutrients! 

If you could use a coach with your nutrition don’t hesitate to reach out, just email or give us a call at 561-676-3710.

-Coach Danielle