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Thursday 4.6.17 Workout of the Day

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Judge Drew making sure the trash can was completely full!


“Grab and Go”

20 Min AMRAP:

100 M D-Ball Carry S(50/40) RX(80/50) RTG(100+/80+)

200 M Single Arm Farmer’s Carry (switch every 50 M) S(35/26) RX(44/35) RTG(53/44)

400 M Run

60′ Walking Lunges

120’ Sled Push S(90/45) RX(135/90) RTG(180/135)


Core WOD


WOD Tips:

-Today is more of a recovery day from some of the barbell work earlier in the week, but certainly won’t be an easy day. Try to challenge yourself on the d-ball and

farmers carry where it will be tough to do your sets unbroken and you may even have to put the weights down during the set. The sled push should also be on the

heavier side. This is a longer workout so pace it out at first. This is a good opportunity to practice your breathing under load with the 2 carries and the sled push.