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Thursday 3.23.17 Workout of the Day

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17.4 Handstand Push Ups: Pedro and Rich 


“Tune Up V3”

20 Min EMOM: (30 On/30 Off)

Min 1) Rowing for Calories

Min 2) Double Unders

Min 3) Walking Lunges

Min 4) Rope Climbs

Min 5) Alternating DB Snatch S(40/25) RX(50/35)


WOD Tips:

-Similar to the prior 2 weeks, today’s workout is a nice variety of movements that will help you to feel good going into tomorrow’s Open workout. You will only be

working 30 seconds out of each minute, but we still want you to maintain a nice sustainable pace throughout, rather than sprinting during the 30 seconds of work.

Everyone should be working on double unders today unless you still need work on your singles. For rope climbs, aim to get 1-2 reps per 30 seconds. The db snatch

should be nice and light so you can move it for all 30 seconds.