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Thursday 11.3.16 Workout of the Day

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Bring-A-Friend Thursday!

“Moondance” – In teams of 2

18 Min AMRAP:

12/8 Calorie Row

12 Box Jumps S(20/16) RX(24/20)

60 FT Sled Sprint S(90/45) RX(135/90)

*One person completes a full round, then partner goes. 


Core WOD


WOD Tips:

-In moondance, you will be alternating full rounds with a partner, so the goal is to sprint each round when it is your turn.  Each round should take you about a minute to complete, so you should have about a minute of rest until you go again.   The row should be done at a hard pace and the box jumps should be done unbroken.  The sled is purposely kept a little lighter today to focus on the speed of the sprint.  The sled alone should take you no more than 10 seconds to cover all 60 FT.