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Thursday 11.29.18 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

22 Min AMRAP:
30 Second MB Weighted Wall Sit F(20/14) P/S(30/20)
6 Ring Body Saws
60’ Sled Drag F/P/S(135/90)
12/9 Bike Erg
15 Ball Slams F(20/15) P/S(30/20)

WOD Tips:
– “Pong” is a longer AMRAP that you can use as a flush for the day, or a great workout if you are looking for it. The workout has the
name “Pong” from the structure of the workout. You will start on one side of the room, and return the same way. None of the
movements should be heavy today, we want to focus on moving fluid with good technique. If you are looking to get more out of
today than just a flush, we encourage you to sprint the bike and the sled pulls. A good goal for the day is to shoot for 4-6 rounds.

BeachFit WOD:

“Hustle & Flow”

A. EMOM 21

Min 1: 200 meter Run (Adv: 250 m)

Min 2: 150/100 meter Ski Erg (Adv: 200/150m)

Min 3: 40 sec. of Wall Sit (Adv: Add MB)


Core Wod