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Thursday 11.16.17 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

“Forrest Gump”
5 X 3 Min AMRAPs:
400m Run S(250m) RTG(500m)
15 Russian KB Swings S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)
AMRAP Double Unders in remaining time
*90 Secs Rest Between AMRAPs

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
-“Forrest Gump” is all about the running today. With each 3-minute interval, the running should take about 2 minutes of that interval. If you can consistently run a
400 in 1:45 or less, we want you doing the 500m runs today. Likewise, if you know 400s consistently take you more than 2:15, than go down to the 250 today. The
KB swings should be unbroken each round and only take about 20-30 seconds total. This should leave you with about 30 seconds to get as many double unders as
you can. If you still need work on your singles, then do those today, otherwise, use this as an opportunity to get some double under training in.

BeachFit WOD:

“Red Light + Green Light”
 4 sets of:
11/9 cal BIKE @ Push pace (Max of :45 on. Bike)
9 SA DB Push press / arm (2 sec. in locked out position)
7 Weighted step ups / leg (slow eccentric)
5 Plank Body saws on sliders (slow)
–Rest :45 between sets–