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Thursday 10.5.17 Workout of the Day

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“Intestinal Fortitude”

21 Min AMRAP:

12/9 Cal Bike

12 GHD Sit ups RX(Ground)

12 Lunges/leg

12 Toes to Bar S(6 T2B/12 Knees to Chest)

WOD Tips:

-Today’s workout is a nice cardio mix after a few short and intense days.  This is also a very core focused workout, so keep this in mind when choosing how you want to attack the GHD Sit ups and toes to bar.  This is a workout where you should be able to do a couple rounds unbroken, although you may want to break up the toes to bar into a couple sets.  If you are consistently doing more than 2 sets on the toes to bar, consider scaling to 6-8 reps for each round.  The goal for today is to find a steady pace that you can maintain for all 21 minutes.