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Thursday 1.5.17 Workout of the Day

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Bring – A – Friend Thursday

20 Min AMRAP:
60 FT Sled Push S(90/45) RX(135/90) RTG(180/135)
10 Pull-ups S(Ring Rows) RTG(Chest to Bar)
10 DB Thrusters S(30/20) RX(35/25) RTG(45/35)
10 Box Jumps S(20/16) RX/RTG(24/20)


WOD Tips:

-This is a long and challenging workout, and will need to be paced appropriately.  If you go out too hard in the first couple rounds, it will become extremely difficult to maintain your pace.  Try to aim for unbroken sets on each movement, but spend a good amount of time resting and transitioning between movements. 

-If you can do at least 5 chest to bar pull ups in a row, try for these today.  For the thrusters, choose a weight that you can easily do unbroken for several or all of your rounds.