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Thursday 1.4.18 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

Strength/Skill Work:

10 Minutes of Quality Movement
Max Goblet Wall Sit Hold
Max Bridge Hold
*Every time you break, 2 KB Windmills/Side

“Mr. Plow”
4 Rounds For Time: (25 Min Cap)
12/9 Cal Bike
90’ Plate Push (6 x 15’)
50m/Arm SA Farmer’s Carry S(53/44) RX(70+/53+)
250m Run S(200m)
-Rest 2 Minutes After Each Round-
WOD Tips:
-Today’s strength/skill work is all about quality movement. The goal for this is to help activate the core and lower body for today’s workout, while also improving
flexibility and range of motion through the shoulders and hips. The goal for this is to stay moving for all 10 minutes. Similar to yesterday’s core WOD, you will end
each set of wall sits and bridge holds, once you feel the quality of your positions chance. You will be alternating between the wall sit and bridge hold, always
completing 2 KB windmills per side after each movement.
-“Mr. Plow” is an aerobic interval format, which can help flush the body out after a tough week. Each round should take about 4-5 minutes to complete, and you will
have a mandatory 2 minutes rest between rounds. This will allow you to record your time and to reset back on the bike each round. Even though this is more of an
aerobic workout, hit the bike and plate push a little harder, since they are at the start of each round, and you will be able to recover your heart rate and breathing a
little on the SA farmer’s carry.


BeachFit WOD:


4 sets of:


8 Alt. Hanging Knee to chest 

10/8 cal BIKE

12 OH Contralateral Rev. lunges (6/Side)

100 m SA KB front rack Carry (50/arm)

-Rest :45 between sets-