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Thursday 1.3.19 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

“Drag Race”

6 Min AMRAP:
.3 Assault Bike
12 GHD Hip Extensions
6 Min AMRAP:
300m Ski Erg
30 Plate Russian Twists F(15/10) P/S(25/15)
6 Min AMRAP:
60’ Sled Drag F/P/S(135/90)
30 Sec Hollow/Superman Hold (Alt. Rounds)
*90 Secs Rest Between AMRAPs

WOD Tips:
– Today will be a lot of heavy breathing, but no movements that should severely tax the body. This is a great opportunity to flush the system after a pretty hard week so far, and get the body ready to hit the CFPB Open Test tomorrow. During each of the 3 AMRAP’s, focus on quality of
movements specifically on the Hip Extensions, Russian Twists, and Hollow/Superman Holds. If you are looking for a more challenging workout today, push the pace on the Bike, Ski, and Sled Drags.

BeachFit WOD:

“WHIT” (Compare: 11.19.18)

A. For Time 

21/16 cal Bike Erg 

21 Ball Slams

21 Ring Rows (Adv: 12 Strict Pull ups)

36 Sit ups 

15/10 cal Bike Erg 

15 Ball Slams

15 Ring Rows (Adv: 9 Strict PU)

24 Sit ups 

9/6 cal Bike Erg 

9 Ball Slams

9 Ring Rows (Adv: 6 Strict PU)

18 Sit ups 

Time cap: 14 min


Core Down