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Thursday 1.10.19 Workout of the Day

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Thursday 1.10.19


10 Min EMOM:

Min 1) 12/9 Cal Bike Erg S(15/12)

Min 2) 10 Alternating V-Ups + 10 Alternating Lunges S(Jumping Lunges)

Immediately into,

5 Rounds For Time:  (10 Min Cap)

12/9 Cal Bike Erg S(15/12)

10 Alternating V-Ups

10 Alternating Lunges S(Jumping Lunges)

WOD Tips:
Today’s WOD has two familiar styled workouts (EMOM and For Time), sandwiched together into one. This format was first used in BeachFit last week in a workout written by Coach Robby. The first 10 minute EMOM will be a great way to become familiar with the movements, and how long they are going to take you. We have two different options for the Bike Erg Calories, but during the EMOM these should take roughly :45-:50 seconds to complete. The next minute you will have two movements to complete. The Alternating V-Ups and Alternating Lunges should take you around :30 seconds of total time to complete. This will leave you :30 seconds of rest before hopping back on the bike. As soon as the EMOM is up, you will go immediately into 5 rounds for time, of the exact same movements and reps. You will now have no set rest between the movements. There is a 10 minute time cap on the workout, meaning if you completed each EMOM minute with time to spare, you can complete the 5 rounds inside of the 10 minutes. Your score today will be the total time it takes you to complete the 5 rounds.


BeachFit Workout of the Day

“BROwing!” (Compare: 1.18.18)

EMOM 24 (Adv: 28 min)

Min 1- 10/7 cal Row (Adv: 14/10)

Min 2- 40 seconds of Half kneeling SA Press 20X0 (Alternate sides each round)

Min 3- 40 seconds of SA Bent over KB rows (20X0)

Min 4- 40 seconds of Jump rope