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Superhuman Nutrition Challenge Winner: Jeff Anderson

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Our Superhuman Challenge Winner for the start of 2017 is Jeff Anderson! Jeff tells a great story of his entire journey in CrossFit and it’s sure to inspire everyone inside and outside the gym.  His wife Hilary also had some pretty amazing results in the challenge, but decided to let Jeff have the spotlight.  With the pictures of Jeff’s newfound abs, I think we can say he gets all the spotlights. Congrats to Jeff on winning a FREE Month of CrossFit @CFPB. We could not be more proud of his transformation in CrossFit! Congrats Jeff!

(Can’t wait for the next challenge?  You don’t have to. We are starting a monthly nutrition coaching program soon. Stay tuned for more details.)

Here’s Jeff’s story…

I decided to participate in the recent 60 day macro challenge to improve my performance at the gym and gain a better understanding for nutrition.  The results that followed the 60 days were more than I expected.  Before I tell you my success I would like to tell you where I started.

My family decided to relocate to Florida from Colorado in August of 2014.  We had lived here previously 10 years ago and always wanted to return to Florida.  Once we settled into our new surroundings and jobs, my wife wanted to find a gym to join.  Neither of us had ever really been the gym type and was intimidated by the atmosphere and commitment.  I could tell this was something that was important to her, so I agreed to give it a try. 

After internet searches we found a boot camp (now known as BeachFit) style class offered at CrossFit Palm Beach.  The first class was free, so we figured we had nothing to lose.  Another important aspect was to find somewhere our kids would also be comfortable.  We didn’t have any family nearby or other childcare options, so we knew the kids were part of the deal if we wanted this to work long term.  All it took was one class and we were hooked. 

I quickly realized (by the 2nd week) I had some big lifestyle decisions I had to make.  At the time I smoked a pack and half of cigarettes, drank 3 Mountain Dew’s and 2 Monster’s on a daily basis.  I knew the smoking had to go if I wanted to survive the cardio.  I set my quit date, bought the patches and made the commitment.  I had tried everything else to stop smoking before and was never successful.  Apparently cardio did the trick! 

I couldn’t run 200 meters without feeling like I was about to pass out.  After 2 months of not smoking, I could tell my endurance was increasing but still had a long way to go.  Next on the bad habit list to kick was Mountain Dew.  I increased my water in take and figured I still had my Monster’s to enjoy.  After 8 months of boot camp we decided to step up our game and join the CrossFit group.  Intimidating to say the least, but we had familiar faces of other members that encouraged us every step of the way.  The coaches had all the confidence in us that we lacked. 

Looking back, transitioning to CrossFit was the best choice (other than quitting smoking) we made.  Not 8 weeks into CrossFit, here came Andrew insisting we sign up for the Better Half Battle in house competition (guy/girl two-person teams).  It was a humbling experience and a fun one at the same time.  A few short months later, we were celebrating our one year anniversary of healthier, stronger versions of ourselves.  Over the next year we did The Open, Murph, Deadly Duo and again the Better Half Battle.  Each time, getting faster, stronger and healthier.

Now here we are January 2017 and nearing the 2 year anniversary of no smoking and I decided it was time to see what this macro counting business was all about.  Once again, my wife and I together went to the informational seminar to see if it was something we wanted to participate in.  She had joined the Superhuman Challenge the previous year and we had been eating along the Paleo lifestyle for a while. 



The goal was to improve our performance and we thought, “It’s only 60 days – sure sign us up!”  The first week was an eye opener.  I was already eating fairly healthy, but eating the wrong things at the wrong times.  I also realized Monster’s would have to take a back seat if I wanted the results I was searching for.  Bad habit #3 out the window because eating real carbs was more important.  It only took about a week before I noticed an increase in energy (natural energy – not caffeinated) during my WOD’s.  I also realized I wasn’t drinking enough water and some days not eating enough food. 

Entering my daily intake into My Fitness Pal kept me accountable and on track.  Weekly check-in’s with Dom was always positive and supportive.  Coach B would offer great advice when I would see him at the evening WOD.  It was all a learning experience but I felt like I had the hang of it 30 days in.  The hardest part was planning and prepping the food.  I knew this was the key to success.  Weekends were challenging because we had less structure in our daily activities and would sometimes simply not eat enough. 

If I fell short in my goals for a day, I would let it go and get back on track the next day.  Tracking our macros became habit and we both continue to this day.  I didn’t take measurements, only weighed myself daily and I lost 15 pounds.  My goal wasn’t weight loss, but I also I found my abs, and my “motor” has dramatically increased. 

The timing of the challenge couldn’t have came at a better time as The Open was about to begin.  Last year I scaled all the WOD’s except 16.4 and this year I was able to finish every single WOD at the Rx standard. 

Next month I turn 40 years old and feel better than I did when I was 30.  I realize it’s my commitment, determination and dedication that has brought me to this point but without such a great, supportive coaching staff, untouchable community, and consistent WOD partner (my wife), I may not have reached these goals in the short time that I have.  I plan on continuing the macros nutrition plan and look forward to improving my time for the Murph and my performance at the Deadly Duo this year (get ready Jonel)!

-Jeff Anderson