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Superhuman Fitness Podcast Ep. 58 – How To Set Better Goals

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At the start of a season, EVERYONE has the same goals. Everyone wants to make it to the CrossFit Games…or win that gold medal, or weigh what they did in high school. Goals don’t make the difference, habits and systems do. This episode talks about goals, how to set them properly, and also the habits, systems, and mindset that must come with them.

Talking points on this episode:
Goals are helpful for developing your “Why” and setting direction.
Goals can’t be the gate to happiness. People that think goal achievement will make them happen are often left disappointed.
If you’re going to make goals, make sure they are S.M.A.R.T.
S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Realistic, T-Timebound
Why typical goals like lose weight or RX more workouts fail.
Learning to identify with your goal. Don’t just have a goal to run a 5k, have a goal to become a runner.
Determine When and Where each specific step will happen. “Workout more” “Write more”- make it concrete with a time and place.
What is the minimal dose needed to get you started? Ex:Run ½ mile when I wake up. Stretch for 5 minutes after every workout.
“In reality, the results of our efforts are often delayed. It is not until months or years later that we realize the true value of the previous work we have done. This can result in a “valley of disappointment” where people feel discouraged after putting in weeks or months of hard work without experiencing any results. However, this work was not wasted. It was simply being stored. It is not until much later that the full value of previous efforts is revealed. All big things come from small beginnings.” – James Clear, Atomic Habits
…and much more!
Featuring Coach Tony, Coach Austin, Coach Whitney, and Coach Melissa of CrossFit Palm Beach.