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Superhuman Challenge Winner: Michael Rhys

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Most college guys and girls won’t take on our Superhuman Challenges. The diet isn’t overly crazy or restrictive, but there are lifestyle changes involved that may not jive (popular college word) with the fun of being away at school. There are many CrossFit athletes in college who never graduate past “weekend warrior” status, and don’t fully commit to their best health possible, when we all know, that is your prime time to achieve your best body. 

Michael Rhys has been a member of our gym family for years but leaves for college every fall and spring. This past summer/fall he decided it was time to really give his all to CrossFit and his diet. His results have been amazing, and even better than what you see here on paper.  We could not be prouder of Michael and his progress in CrossFit. 

(Check out a video of Michael doing bar muscle ups on our facebook page.)

Here’s Michael to talk about his transformation:

Motivation:  I have been going to CrossFit on and off for about three years but have never had much interest in a challenge. I was going back and forth from school, which is not a conducive atmosphere to embark on a health kick.

Upon graduating, I took a job on a US Senate campaign, which has proved to be a high demand, stressful job where many factors of the work are outside of my control. This was coupled with my performance in the gym seemingly plateauing, both weight-wise and time-wise. This was the first time that I have had consecutive months of CrossFit, so after some initial gains from coming back, I was a little frustrated to not see the continued improvement that I desired.
The two reasons that I decided to do this challenge were to 1) gain control over my food— something that I could control against a job that was largely outside of my control and 2) break through the rut I was having in the gym.

Goals (Ranked by order of importance):

Improved gym performance
Fewer breaks during the workout, especially within-set breaks (doing more things unbroken)
Good form throughout (always a work in progress)
Consistency throughout the workout— not going too quickly initially and have no energy at the end
More RX than Scaled workouts
More advanced movements (Ring MUs, deficit HSPU, etc)
Gain control and feel better about my food choices.
Not rely on bread/pasta to be full
Feel better throughout the day— higher energy
Less snacking
Gain 3 to 5 lbs
Look better at the beach (of course…)


Significant improvement in gym performance
Taking fewer breaks than before
Faster, competitive times almost daily
See my form staying steady throughout the workout (though of course there is much room to improve here)
This is also allowing me to take on more weight
1st Ring Muscle Up!
More RX than Scaled (as of Oct 22— 15 vs. 10)
No significant weight gains, but no losses either
Broke through the plateau and feel myself continuing to improve almost daily

I now feel empowered by my food choices.
When I cheat, I feel good about it— I know that I have earned it and because of that I enjoy these things more.

Very satisfying know what I am putting in my body and how that is going to affect my output (gym/work/etc)
Good gym performances in the morning give me a better outlook on the day.
Never really made this connection before

Overall, I am so happy that I did this challenge!

It is often hard to make a direct connection between what you eat and how you perform in the gym and at work, but this cannot be coincidental.

While the challenge has ended and I certainly enjoyed a few beers to celebrate, I do not intend on slipping back into old eating habits— sky is the limit at this point.

– Michael, Superhuman