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Superhuman Challenge Winner: Jennifer Eppert

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Superhuman Challenge Winner for fall of 2016 is Jennifer Eppert! We have a few more winners to announce and share their stories as well! Jen’s story is awesome. She is a 42 year old strong mom, who is as athletic as they come. You would think she’s been athletic her whole life if you met her today.  She tells a really great story about how CrossFit changed her life and how this latest Superhuman Challenge got her into her best shape of her life. 

(Our next Challenge Begins January 9th, 2017, with a free nutritional seminar on January 8th at 1130am at CrossFit Palm Beach. This challenge will last 60 days! If you are ready to take on the challenge sign-up at the gym!)

Here’s Jen!

My name is Jennifer Eppert. I am 42 years old. You can usually catch me at the 7pm CrossFit class Monday through Thursday, doubling up on CrossFit and BeachFit at 4pm and 6pm on Fridays, at one of the classes on Saturdays and usually at open gym on Sundays. I’ve been doing CrossFit for a little over 3 years now. Being a part of the CrossFit community has changed my life and I could NEVER imagine my life without CrossFit. A little back ground on my fitness level and where I was physically before starting CrossFit 3 years ago. Prior to CrossFit, my activity level consisted of running several miles, several times a week. I had quite a few 5k, 10k races and a half marathon under my belt and started running obstacles races, but I was not physically strong at all. I weighed 142 lbs. and a size 12 in pants and large in shirts. I had cardio endurance but it wasn’t helping me shed any weight or getting me where I desired to be. I was constantly yo‐yoing with my weight and never stayed consistent. I would lose when I restricted my calorie intake then gain back once I ate “normal” again.

That’s me before I started CrossFit.

Fast forward 3 years. I am in the best shape of my life.

My main goal for this Superhuman Challenge was to get back to eating clean and get more committed to my fitness goals. Yes, I want to look good, but I also want to feel good. Not eating clean makes me feel overall horrible. No energy, bloating, stomach pains, irritable and my performance in workouts sucks.

At my age it seems like a constant struggle just to maintain my weight and a battle to try to gain muscle definition. What you put into your body really does affect your whole being.

About 2 years ago, I was having some serious stomach pain. After blood work, x‐rays, and an ultrasound, I was sure the gastroenterologist would tell me I had an ulcer or gallstones, something, but nothing was found. The next step was to have an exploratory procedure. Before I was poked and prodded, I decided to clean up my diet. Within a few weeks after eliminating the grains, processed foods and following the paleo diet, the pain subsided. Yes, it was that simple. Mind blowing to me. Eating paleo IS beneficial.

This Superhuman Challenge was my opportunity to get back to eating clean. After 47 days on the Superhuman Challenge, I am excited to share my results. My start weight was 121 lbs. My end weight is 116 lbs. A 5 lb. loss. What I am excited about are the inches I lost.   Start measurements 35.5” End measurements Results  Waist 31.5” 29.5” ‐2.0”   Hips 32” ‐3.5”   Right thigh 23.5” 22” ‐1.25”   Left thigh 23” 22” 1.5”  Total inches lost: ‐8.25” 

I went clothes shopping a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that I went from wearing a size 4 to 6 in pants to a size 2, from a small in workout pants to an extra‐small and a small in shirts to an extra‐small in shirts. Here are my before and after photos:

I have more muscle definition in my abs. I feel stronger, more lean, and faster in my workouts and I have tons of energy! The crazy part is I eat more now than I did before.

I recently hit a PR of 216# on my deadlift! It’s been quite a journey from the first time I stepped foot in a CrossFit gym.

I’ve come a long way from the person photographed in that picture 3 years ago…and I’m not stopping now, not ever. I intend to stick with eating clean for my overall health and to keep working towards my fitness goals.

I want to get stronger in my lifts, progress in gymnastics and live a long life surrounded by the people I love. CrossFit Palm Beach is my happy place. The environment and atmosphere is so positive and motivating.

No matter how I feel going into the gym, I always come out feeling energized, accomplished and simply happy.

-Jennifer Eppert, Superhuman