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Superhuman Challenge Winner: Jen Eisenman

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Jen is not your normal mom. She is Supermom. Jen has two beautiful babies under 3 years old. She did CrossFit throughout her entire second pregnancy and took a whole two weeks off (not joking) to go have her baby. She is committed to a fit lifestyle and setting an example for her family. When our last challenge came about and we introduced a “macros” version where you track everything you eat, Jen was up for it (of course two babies leaves you plenty of time to make and track your food). She always will be Supermom, and is now on a whole other level of fit, Superhuman you might say. Here’s Jen to talk about her challenge…

I’ve always wanted – and never had — abs. They were these elusive muscles that “apparently” lived somewhere in my midsection. So I signed up for the macros challenge with several goals, one of which was to finally lay eyes on an ab…or two; I also wanted to become stronger. (Oh, and Melissa signed up, so, you know, I had to do it, too.)

The results: Look close enough at my after pic and I do believe a few abs are present. Holy crap!

(When I first saw it, I was momentarily sad that it was no longer summertime, but then I remembered – Halloween! Thanks to macros, I was able to slither into this get-up.)

The challenge, by the numbers:

10 pounds lost

210 deadlift PR (up by 25 pounds)

145 back squat PR (up by 20 pounds)

2 strict chin-ups in a row (up from zero)

3 kipping pull-ups in a row (up from zero)

I also PR’ed several WODs, including Glen (last year I did scaled at about 30 minutes, this year I did RX in just under 27 minutes).

I am lighter, leaner and stronger. Boo-yah!

Other benefits: Counting macros forced me to pause and think about what I was about to eat, which helped me eliminate mindless snacking. And I’m no longer a Carb-O-Phobic; I’ve realized that my body functions quite well on a blend of carbs, protein and fat.

I’m stoked at my results. A huge thank you to Coach Dom and Brendon for answering my seemingly endless supply of questions. I plan to continue counting macros for the foreseeable future.

-Jenny, Supermom, Superhuman