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Saturday 4.22.17 Workout of the Day

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Grab your favorite partner and come for a little PB&J today!!


“PB & J”

6 Rounds For Time: (In teams of 2)

21 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX(20/14) RTG(30/20)

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs S(20/16) RX/RTG(24/20)

9 Power Cleans S(135/95) RX(165/115) RTG(185/125)

Core WOD


WOD Tips:

-“PB and J” is a partner workout where you and your partner can break up the reps however you like. The reps on the wall balls are lower compared to the difficulty

of the burpee box jump overs and the heavier weight on the cleans, so today may be a good day to try a heavier ball to challenge yourself. The burpee box jump

overs will be facing the box just as we did in this year’s Open. The power cleans should be heavy enough that you will want to alternate singles with your partner.

Challenge yourself on these.