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Saturday 4.15.17 Workout of the Day

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“The Swinging Sixties”

For Time: (In teams of 2)

60 DB Push Press S(40/25) RX(50/30) RTG(60/35)

60/50 Calorie Row

60 Kettlebell Swings S(44/35) RX(53/44) RTG(70/53)

60/50 Calorie Assault Bike

60 Hang Power Cleans S(115/80) RX(135/95) RTG(155/105)

*60 Double Unders After Each Movement


WOD Tips:

-The Swinging Sixties will be a longer workout but you will be doing it with a partner, so you will have some rest built in. Each part of the chipper

should take about 3 minutes or less to complete. Keep your sets on the smaller side (about 10 reps or less) which will allow you and your partner

to maintain a steady pace throughout. After each movement, you will have 60 double unders to complete as a team. For the double unders, as

well as the other movements, feel free to break up the reps unevenly between partners if one person is stronger at a given movement.

Communicate and help each other out when needed. For the DB push press, kb swings, and hang power cleans, choose a weight that you can do at

least 12+ reps unbroken with when fresh.