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Saturday 12.31.16 Workout of the Day

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Happy New Years Eve

 Normal Saturday Schedule



(24 Min Cap)
2 Rounds For Time:

800 M Run S(600 M Run)

30 Pull Ups RTG(Chest to Bar)

30 Deadlifts S(135/95) RX(165/115) RTG(185/135)

30 Wall Balls S(14/10) RX/RTG(20/14)


WOD Tips:

-Dasher should be a good mix of cardio, gymnastics, and some strength work.  The goal with this workout is to finish in about 16-20 minutes, but we will allow you up to 24 minutes to finish.  There is a good variety of movements in this workout, so you should recover well from movement to movement.  Pace the first run a little, but then go straight into attacking the other movements, and try to complete each exercise in 2-3 sets. 

-If you can do at least 10 chest to bar pull ups unbroken, go for these during the workout.

-For the deadlifts, choose a weight that you could probably do the first round unbroken with if you were fresh.  During the workout, aim for 3 sets of 10.