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Saturday 12.2.17 Workout of the Day

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Bring-A- Friend Day. 1st Saturday of the Month. Bring your friends to come try a CrossFit (or BeachFit) class for free.

CrossFit WOD:

“Renegade Runner”
16 Min AMRAP: (In teams of 2)
200 M Run
8 DB Renegade Rows S(30/20) RX(40/25) RTG(50/35) (Push Up + Row = 1)
8 DB Front Squats
*1 partner runs, while the other partner works on the DB movements. Rotate every time the partner returns from the run.

Core WOD

WOD Tips:
-Today is our Bring-A- Friend day, which happens the first Saturday of every month. This means you can bring your friends with you to any of our 7, 8, or 10 AM
CrossFit classes. You can always bring a friend with you to BeachFit, regardless of the day. If you have any friends that want to try a class, have them call us at 561-
676-3710 or email us at at least 24 hours in advance, so we can account for them in class.
“Renegade Runner” is a partner workout, where one person will be running, while the other partner is working with the dumbbells. The person running will complete
a 200 M Run, while the other partner completes 1 round of the renegade rows and front squats. Once the person working on the dumbbells is done, they will wait
for their partner to finish their run before switching. For the renegade rows, a push up and a row on one arm will count as a rep. You should be able to do these and
the front squats unbroken for most of this workout. If needed, use a band for the push up part of the renegade row.


BeachFit WOD:

“Pick Your Poison”
For Time – Teams of 2 
95 Sit ups 
75 hurdle hops 
50 Burpees to target 
35 cal Bike 
15 Rope lowers (3 Aussie RR = 1 Rope lowers)
400 meter SB run 
This workout can be done in any order, but once you start a movement you must finish it. One partner working at a time, partition reps as needed.