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Saturday 1.7.17 Workout of the Day

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Bring – A – Friend Saturday

24 Min AMRAP:

(with a partner – alternating full rounds)

200 M Run

16 Front Rack Lunges S(75/55) RX(95/65)

12 Handstand Push Ups S(Push Ups)


WOD Tips:

-Today will be a partner workout where you will be alternating full rounds with a partner.  You will have a good amount of rest after each round, so go out hard when it is your turn, especially on the runs.  The front rack lunges should be done unbroken each round so choose a weight that you don’t need to rest during your set.  The handstand push ups/push ups should also be done unbroken for at least a round or two.  Scale down the reps or movement so you are never doing more than 2 sets of the gymnastics movement you choose.