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Sales Tax Added to Memberships 4.1.17

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Please Read: Sales Tax To Be Added to Memberships (Effective April 1 st )

Hey CrossFit Palm Beach,

We are reaching out to let you know as of April 1 st , 2017, we will be adding 7%

sales tax to all memberships that don’t already have sales tax added on. This will

affect most memberships that we’re started prior to October 2016 (and some

after), when we first started charging sales tax separately from the advertised

membership rate. If your membership already has sales tax added onto it, this

message does not affect you.

While this is not easy news to deliver, please understand that we are doing it in

the best interests of your member experience and to keep improving CrossFit Palm

Beach. Our primary goal is to be the best hour of your day, and this allows us to

continue to reinvest in CFPB, while covering the rising costs of real estate taxes,

employee costs, cleaning/maintenance, and a recent county sales tax increase to

7% which occurred in this past November’s election.

We have always tried to be loyal to the members who are most loyal to us, and we

have done our best to grandfather your rates in as much as possible. Over the last

4+ years, we’ve made it our goal to avoid any price increases on existing members.

We’ve tried to get creative, and greatly appreciate everyone who has switched

from credit cards to ACH to help keep our fees and administrative costs down.

The price increase does not affect retail sales or personal training sales. It will

apply to all CrossFit and BeachFit memberships that don’t already have sales tax

added as a separate charge. This will take effect on your April membership

payment and any membership payments beyond.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly on my cell at

561-371- 3426 or at

Thank you guys for everything you do to make CFPB an amazing place. We

promise to keep making CFPB better and improving your member experience.

Andrew Frezza