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Retail Charging Updates 2019

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Hello CFPB family! We hope this new year is starting off on the right foot. To get ours started in the right direction we are making some small changes to the way we do our retail processing. Nothing major, but you will notice the changes on your bank statement so we would like to prepare you in advance.

Retail will still work exactly the same way while you are in the gym. If you’ve never gotten retail drinks before, it’s a really easy process. 

You take a drink, shirt, protein, etc and make sure you write your FULL first and last name, circle the item, then circle CASH or ACCOUNT. No changes there. If you do leave cash you must present it to a desk staff member or if they are busy leave the cash with a sticky note and your name in the cash bin.

Important Note: If you do not have a checking account or credit card on file in ZenPlanner you are NOT allowed to take from retail without leaving cash that moment. No exceptions. Sorry for the inconvenience, but our new system cannot support this. 

Here’s what is changing: 

We will be charging accounts for retail every other week.  This will be more frequent than the 3-4 weeks we previously did.  What we really wanted you to notice with this new system is that you will see retail get lumped onto membership payments.  We know we will get confusion from people wondering why their membership rate went up and we want to clear it up in advance that this extra payment would just be the “clearing” of your current retail balance.

For example, if your membership always bills for $181.70 on the 5th of the month. You may see a charge of $198.20 because you purchased 5 FitAids from the time our last retail was processed.  Your bank statement may only show one charge (membership + retail) so you may confuse it as a change in your membership prices. That is not the case. It just means ZenPlanner lumped your retail with your membership so it doesn’t come out as two separate payments. 

For a select few, this new system will mean you are charged daily. If you are not on a recurring monthly membership or are on a punch card membership you will be incurring charges on the spot. So if you take a FitAid today, your account is billed today.  

Please continue to writing your full names clearly on the sheets so we don’t have to check the cameras to investigate who took what. There are sheets for the larger items like t-shirts and proteins as well. All listed prices for these larger items items already include sales tax in them.  When purchasing items from the drink fridge, they have a cash price (ex: FitAids for $3.00 each), and an account/card charge price (ex: FitAids for $3.30) that is no more than 10% added.  

We hope this helps avoid any confusion, but as always you can talk to our desk staff or email with any billing questions.

-Yours In Fitness,

CFPB Desk Staff