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Protein Ideas When Chicken Gets Old

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It’s the beginning of the week, time to meal prep a few pounds of chicken for our weekly protein needs. What if chicken and just meat in general is getting old? You want more ways to meet your goals for daily grams of protein.

Why do we need protein? It helps us build muscle, helps us stay full and fight off cravings, helps aid in weight loss, and our bodies are MADE of protein! It’s really easy for us to get in when we try, but it tends to be the macronutrient we miss out on the most!

How much should we eat? We should be aiming for our lean body mass in grams of protein each day. If a male athlete weighs 200 lbs, and has a lean body mass of 175 lbs, their goal should be about 175g of protein per day. If a serving of chicken has 25g of protein, it’s going to take 7 servings to get to his goal. That is A LOT of chicken to eat in one day and probably won’t be sustainable.

Here are 6 easy ideas to help you reach your protein goals:

Greek Yogurt : My favorite sneaky way! Depending on which kind you get, greek yogurt can have anywhere from 12-25 grams of protein per serving! Its delicious and so universal. Need even more protein? Try adding in a scoop of protein powder as well!

Collagen Protein Peptides Powder: These are also very universal! I buy the flavorless powder and add it to coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, etc. A scoop usually has about 10-15 grams of protein!! You can also get different flavored variations or even a coffee creamer! Another powdered source for protein is peanut butter powder. You can add this for extra protein and peanut flavor.

Hard-Boiled Eggs: If you have a pressure cooker, this is sooo easy!! It takes just a couple of minutes. Not only are eggs a great source of protein, but the yolk has a lot of essential vitamins as well! I like to smother mine in mustard with some sea salt for an easy snack! When buying eggs look for Pasture Raised to get the most out of your yolk!

Bone Broth: You can drink it, you can cook with it, and you can even make it on your own for cheap if you’re into that sort of thing! I don’t drink it plain, but I do like to cook rice in it! You can also buy the powder version as well, but I like the Kettle and Fire brand!

Black Bean/Lentil Pasta: Each serving has significantly more protein than regular protein! Around 15-20 grams per serving! Not only are you getting in your protein, but this will also help if you struggle to get in enough fiber. Add in some broccoli and even more protein to get some extra volume with your pasta!

Deli Meat: This might be surprising to you, as most people think that deli meat is all bad! It’s actually a really great and convenient way to get in protein. Opt for cleaner brands such as Applegate and Boars Head. My favorite way to eat it is to roll up some turkey and mustard around a pickle!

Struggle to hit your protein and love these suggestions? You would probably love our nutrition challenge coming up September 15th! Come to our Nutrition Seminar Sunday, Sept. 15th, @11am.

-Coach Danielle