CrossFit Palm Beach

A family-run facility offering fun and challenging workouts. Come experience our community.



A 60 minute group class that combines weightlifting, bodyweight training, and cardio.

Each class is led by our Level 1 and 2 CrossFit coaches. Every day is unique and challenging in its own way. Scaleable to all ages (14+) and ability levels. Must graduate from Fundamentals first in order to participate in CrossFit classes.



Similar to CrossFit, but without the barbells. Despite popular belief, these classes don’t take place on the beach, but they will help get your body beach-ready! In BeachFit, we focus more on burning fat, building cardiovascular endurance, improving core strength, and increasing flexibility. BeachFit is great for those who feel they need to get in shape before starting CrossFit or simply prefer a more cardio-focused routine more than building strength. No prerequisite experience required. Try your first class for free!



A great way to learn the pre-requisite techniques and skills for CrossFit or simply to have a more customized approach to your own fitness. Great for those who have specific goals, injuries, or limitations that may require additional attention beyond the normal group setting. A great option for jumpstarting your success with CrossFit or BeachFit. Contact us to schedule a free No Sweat Intro and to learn more about our 6 week special.



Our goal with CrossFit Kids is to teach our kids how to move properly so they can build confidence, stay injury free, and excel in sports and activities outside of the gym…and have a blast while doing it! Our Kids classes are currently for 9-13 year olds and run Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 10 am. Each class lasts about 50-60 minutes and includes a fun warm up, skill/focus work, and a CrossFit workout of the day (WOD).

We want to provide a way of making fitness fun for our kids so they look forward to doing it and will create a habit that they can continue for the rest of their lives. The monthly membership cost is $99 per child to attend the classes up to 3 times per week. All memberships are month-to-month and kids/teens can try their first class for free by coming to any Saturday class.


Unlimited CrossFit & BeachFit

$169per month
  • Unlimited access to:
  • All CrossFit Classes
  • All BeachFit Classes
  • Open Gym Hours

3X/Week CrossFit/BeachFit

$149per month
  • 12 visits to use every 30 days for:
  • CrossFit Classes
  • BeachFit Classes
  • Open Gym Hours

Unlimited BeachFit

$119per month
  • Unlimited access to all BeachFit classes

Open Gym

$109per month
  • Unlimited access to all Open Gym hours


This is the #1 misconception about CrossFit; that you need to be in shape to start. We are here to help you get in shape, not to prove how in-shape you already are. We truly love working with all fitness and ability levels, even if you haven’t worked out in years or decades.

CrossFit is known for being an intense exercise program, but the level of intensity is scaled to meet you where you are at today. Our goal is to get you a great workout each day based on the YOUR current level of fitness, which is one of the main reasons we start everybody out with 1-on-1 training sessions, and don’t just throw you straight into the group classes.

Of course. Almost every single person that walks into CrossFit Palm Beach has a previous/current injury, or health issue that they need to be careful with. Our goal is to give you the best possible workout, while helping you improve your injuries, and prevent future ones. We do this by modifying any exercises that are giving you pain or discomfort. If you can’t squat because of bad knees, we may have you do small step ups instead. If you can’t run because of a foot injury, we will likely have you row or bike instead. Every exercise in CrossFit can be modified or scaled, and all we ask is that you communicate with us and our coaching team about your injuries so we can help and provide modifications.
First, it’s important to understand that any workout program is going to carry some risk to it, so we certainly can’t guarantee that you won’t get injured doing personal training, CrossFit, or BeachFit. People get hurt all the time running, swimming, spinning, doing yoga, or at places like LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym, or Orange Theory. Anytime you make a choice to get off your couch and make a positive change in your health, you are putting yourself at risk of injury. In fact, even if you opt to not get off your couch, you are putting yourself at risk. Just think about how many people you know, maybe even yourself, who have woken up with a stiff neck, bad back, or some unexpected shoulder pain, just from sleeping in their bed at night. With that said, our coaches do not abide by the “no pain, no gain” philosophy that some gyms and trainers subscribe to. We believe in training smart and focusing on correct technique first and foremost. If something is ever bothering you, let our coaches know and we will make adjustments to the workout to keep you as safe as possible.
You can’t really compare CrossFit to a normal gym where you are just paying for access to space and equipment. If getting fit was just about having access to equipment or workout programs, a lot more of us would be in great shape. But there’s a reason that most home gym equipment rarely or never gets used.

CrossFit is much more comparable to personal training where you will typically spend between $50-100 per session. If you did 3 days a week of personal training, you would typically spend between $500-1500 per month. At CrossFit Palm Beach, you get all the benefits of personal training, plus the camaraderie, energy, and accountability that comes with a group class. It’s the best of both worlds.

Yes, very few people will get “bulky” doing CrossFit, even though this is the #1 fear for most women who start CrossFit, as well as some men.

CrossFit is not bodybuilding. Our goal is not to make you lift heavy and put on a ton of muscle. Our goal is to help you achieve a well-rounded fitness that you can confidently use inside and outside the gym. One that will allow you to go for a run whenever you want, lift and play with your kids, lift your suitcase overhead on a plane, and look and feel amazing. As a by-product of achieving well-rounded fitness, your body will transform in ways you never thought were possible. Most women and men will achieve a lean, toned physique through CrossFit. If you do ever feel like you are adding too much muscle, you can always scale back the weights or spend more time in our BeachFit program, which has less strength training and more focus on cardio and core work.

Yes. As we mentioned in the previous question, this is not bodybuilding, so our primary goal is not to build as much muscle as possible. But that doesn’t mean you won’t add muscle doing CrossFit. Most men and women who are looking to gain muscle are truly surprised at how much weight and muscle they are able to add despite all the intensity and “cardio” that CrossFit contains. The end result is a lean and ripped physique that leaves you feeling strong and confident.
A typical class will usually last about 55-60 minutes and will include everything you need to have a great workout; all you need to do is show up. Each day will start with a 10-15 minute warm up, which is led by your coaches and customized to the workout for that day. Next, we will usually spend 10-15 minutes on some strength training, skill work, or mobility work depending on the goals for that day. From there, we will go into the heart of what makes CrossFit so great, the workout of the day, also referred to as the WOD. This is the intense portion of class and will generally last between 10 and 25 minutes. Every WOD is different except for a few benchmark workouts we will repeat from time to time to help you measure your progress. At the end of class, we will usually finish up with 5-10 minutes of cool down, stretching, or core work.
The most obvious difference between CrossFit and BeachFit is the barbell. On most days in CrossFit, we will have at least 1 barbell movement whereas BeachFit never uses a barbell. BeachFit also removes technical bodyweight movements like rope climbs and handstand push ups, so you can hop right in and get a great workout without any prior knowledge or experience. This makes BeachFit a better option for a lot of beginners and is great for those who are looking to get in shape before starting CrossFit.

We have lots of members who will do a few months of BeachFit and then add CrossFit classes over time. Lots of members who fall in love with BeachFit never want to do anything else. Another key difference is that if you want to try BeachFit, you can come in and go straight into trying a free class. For CrossFit, we have everyone first go through a no-sweat intro and participate in 5 or more 1-on-1 sessions to learn the fundamental movements prior to starting.

No, BeachFit is meant to give you a “beach-ready” body but it is not held at the beach. We have 2 buildings side-by-side at our location on US1 in Jupiter. One of those buildings is used primarily for our CrossFit classes, and the other is used for our BeachFit classes.
We are located at 1652 and 1642 N US Highway 1 in Jupiter, FL. We are located at the northern part of Jupiter, right near Tequesta. We are on the west side of US1. We have 2 buildings next door to each other that we use for our various classes and personal training sessions. All of our CrossFit classes take place in the South building, while all of our BeachFit classes take place in the North building. Both of our buildings have air conditioning which we are happy to use on hotter days and during the summer months.
Give us a call at 561-676-3710 or fill in the form below to schedule a free no-sweat intro. This will give you an opportunity to tour our facility, meet a few of our coaches, see a class in-action, and ask any questions you have. This will also give us an opportunity to learn more about you and figure out the best possible path to helping you reach your goals. It will last about 15-30 minutes and won’t involve any type of workout.

CrossFit Palm Beach

A family-run facility offering fun and challenging workouts. Come experience our community.