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October Athlete of the Month – Remi Stephenson

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Congratulations Remi Stephenson!Remi was chosen as October’s athlete of the month for many reasons, but the one that stands our most is that infectious smile and positive attitude. You can find her in our evening classes and at every workshop, party or book club meeting! Remi is a huge part of CFPB. Here is what she had to say about being chosen:

I am honored to have been selected as athlete of the month and grateful for the opportunity to share a little bit about my story. I was born in Chicago in 1946 and my age fluctuates anywhere between 15 – 100. I am currently age neutral.  I am a Mom to one child and yes, you know her as Coach Whitney. She was born that way!  For the past 40 years I have been self employed as an architectural draftsperson and designer. Before that I was a stained glass artiste, Smokey the Bear’s handler, volunteer firefighter/emt,carpenter’s assistant, waitress in Chicago on North Rush, office girl at Playboy Enterprises and mimeo girl for Leo Burnett Advertising Co. to name a few.

You may not know this about me but I do not own an ironing board or iron. I do have five different types of saws however and a rogue iron bar tucked under the baseboard in my kitchen when I need a lift.  That and a cup of Oceana coffee really picks me up.
I enjoy snorkeling, paddle boarding, remodeling and am constantly moving furniture. I just like to move heavy stuff.
I began crossfit in 2013.  I had a kettle bell, jump rope and 2- 20 lb dumbells. Whitney would write me a workout each day which I did in front of our house in Hollywood, Fl and up and down the street I would go with waiter carries and farmer carries, kb swings and jump rope etc. The neighbors were entertained.
I joined CFPB last September. Best decision ever. I no longer underestimate myself or others.  We are all so much more capable than we think.  My most memorable workout was the deadly duo with Marti. So awesome and of course the one I just finished.Outside the gym I like to rest, tape up, epsom salt bath, roll out and ingest amino acids. My favorite motto is ,”Nobody cares…Train Harder!”
I believe setbacks are a part of life and crossfit helps me overcome them. If I have a physical setback, I adapt my workout. If I have an emotional setback,I either forgive or I channel my anger to propel my strength to a PR. If I have a mental setback, I take a recovery day and go to the beach.What I love most about CFPB is Coach Whitney and the fellow travellers with me on this journey.  You are all my family and grateful for you.
As to what I say no to….a reference to the last book for book club….I say no to Blame, hate, expectations, littering, whining and legless rope climbs. Looking forward to the next book…Living with a Seal. “Nobody cares….Train Harder!’