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Nutrition Spotlight: Kimmi D

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As told by Coach Danielle (she put in all that nice stuff about herself),

In October, Kimmi came to us in search of something to mix up her current diet regimen. She was following a very strict high fat/no carb diet (and had been for years.) She felt good and content with where she was at but was wanting to mix it up.

When I told her that I wanted to slowly transition her from high fat to high carb, she was hesitant to stay the least. She didn’t want to gain any weight or size up in her clothes from the added carbs (which she was certain would happen!)

After begging for her trust, and nagging her every day almost every day for weeks, she began to incorporate some carbs in her day. I forced her to eat a WHOLE BANANA post workout, and she about lost her mind, as that way previously a huge no-no.

Very quickly she began noticing the extra energy she had throughout the day and how much her workouts improved. Every day in class I see her pushing the weights, and PR-ing on a regular basis. Kimmi’s wish was for the scale not to change – and she got that. She also got this incredible body composition change, tons of energy, and way more FOOD FREEDOM! Way to go Kimmi!

Kimmi went from over 20% Body Fat in October, to 18% now.

Here’s what Kimmi had to say about her experience:

“I started my nutrition journey with Coach Danielle October 1st 2018. Going into it, I’d defined my diet as Paleo and I assured her I already ate “healthy” (all the almond butter, coconut oil, cashews and perfect bars). Still, I love learning, challenging myself and experimenting so I was open to the idea of switching up my diet.”

“I also noticed I was in a rut with my workouts. Consistently feeling lethargic five minutes in, numbers staying the same, and I’d basically accepted that running and endurance training just wasn’t my thing. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to not want to improve when you’re surrounded by so many amazing athletes at CFPB, especially Danielle.”

“Tracking was a challenge in the beginning. Weighing out food, meal planning, prepping seemed like too much work but I’m so happy I stuck with it! I was shocked when I really started counting what I was eating. Realistically, I was consuming several days worth of fat in a single meal (oops..) and not drinking nearly enough water.”

“And then Danielle introduced me to carbs. Life completely changed after that. Before I knew it, I was designing my day starting with pancakes, playing with a bunch of different high carb veggies, and getting creative with protein powder. Once I established a few go-to meals, I was able to essentially budget my macros for the day which was much more manageable.”

“With time and patience, I’m now eating more food than I ever have. I still love red wine but put more energy into planning for it. When I keep my focus around fueling my body with what I’m consuming, it’s simple; I know when I choose wine, my performance will be impacted. I don’t always choose perfectly but balance is kind of my thing.”

“Which leads me to the most notable change after working with Danielle. I am having so much fun in my workouts! I’m doing things I never dreamed I could do. I’ve been able to move faster, lift heavier, and no longer dread running- although I’m not upset the assault bikes having nearly disappeared…”

“I would not have gotten this far without Danielle. She absolutely amazes me with her knowledge around macro management and gave me incredible survival tips for traveling, which helped immensely through all the changes that accompanied flipping my diet upside down. I feel so lucky to have been able to learn from such an incredible friend and athlete who has supported me and continues to inspire me constantly. Feeling great is the best gift, thank you for that Danielle!”