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Monday 5.8.17 Workout of the Day

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The day is set, we just need duos, who are deadly. More details coming soon.


CrossFit Week of WODs are HERE

BeachFit Week of WODs are HERE


Strength/Skill Work:

Thrusters – Every 2 Mins for 5 Sets Perform 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 Unbroken Thrusters w/ 2 sec pause at the top

(From the Ground. Build in weight)

“Heartbreak Kid”  *Compare to 10.3.16, 5.23.16, 7.10.15

3 Rounds For Time: (13 Min Cap)

10 Front Squats S(115/80) RX(155/105) RTG(185/135)

20 Pull Ups S(12 Pull Ups/Ring Rows) RTG(Chest to Bar)

50 Double Unders  S(25 Dubs/150 Singles)

WOD Tips:

-The strength work today is an opportunity to go heavier on the thruster and to work on your overhead positioning and breathing at the top of the movement.  The goal with this strength work is to make all 5 working sets fairly tough.  You will have some time before the 2 minute clock starts to build up to a moderately heavy set of 10.  From there, you will be adding weight each set so each set is challenging along the way.  Use the 2 second pause at the top to work on your overhead stability and breathing.  Don’t cut this short even as the weight gets heavier.

-“Heartbreak Kid” is a benchmark workout that we have done several times before, with the most recent test taking place in October of 2016.  This workout is on the shorter side for most people, the goal is to finish it in about 10 minutes or less.  The front squats should be heavier in this workout. This should be a weight that you can do the first round unbroken but may have to break up rounds 2 and 3 into 2 sets.  The pull ups are the meat of the workout for most athletes, so scale these where it will take you about 60-90 seconds to complete the pull ups each round.  This is a workout you will want to pace a little on round 1 and then push hard on rounds 2 and 3.