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Monday 4.10.17 Workout of the Day

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Thanks to Emily for Running Friday Night’s Cardio Dance Class!


CrossFit Week of WODs are HERE

BeachFit Week of WODs are HERE


Strength/Skill Work: 

Pause Overhead Squats –

Every 2:15 for 6 Sets Perform 5 OHS with 2 Second Pause at the Bottom (Build in weight)



10 Min AMRAP:

5 Strict Handstand Push Ups S(1 Ab Mat or Box HSPU)

12 DB Front Rack Lunges S(50/35) RX(60/40) RTG(70/50)


WOD Tips:

-Today’s strength/skill work is similar to last week’s where we are building strength and stability at the bottom of our squat.  This week we will be working on overhead squats and each set will be taken from the rack.  This will translate really well to the snatch and will get us more comfortable with getting under the bar.  While depth was important last week, it is even more important this week, because of the limitations many of us have in the overhead squat.  Start light and make sure you are hitting full depth on every pause.  The weight this week will be significantly less than last week and that’s okay.  Hitting full range of motion is the main focus.  If you are moving well and are able to add weight, try to take small increases with every set.

-Powerhouse is a shorter couplet of strict handstand push ups and front rack lunges.  Strict handstand push ups are a great way to develop upper body strength and will help us improve our kipping handstand push ups as well as most of our overhead pressing movements.  The reps in this workout are set up to allow you to go unbroken for several rounds.  If you can do 3 or 4 good unbroken strict handstand push ups each round, consider scaling the number of reps before scaling the range of motion with an abmat or going to the box.  If you have to go above 1 ab mat today, try doing the box hspu or a seated db overhead press.  Choose a weight for the db front rack lunges that you can keep unbroken for most of this workout.