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Monday 12.3.18 Workout of the Day

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CrossFit WOD:

Strength/Skill Work:

15 Minutes to Work to a Heavy Complex of 1 Squat Clean + 1 Pause Front Squat (2 Secs) + 1 Front Squat
*Alternate Between 1 Set of Kip Swings and 1 Set of Ring Rows After Each Set

“Heartbreak Kid” – Compare to 7.24.18 and 5.8.17
3 Rounds For Time: (13 Min Cap)
10 Front Squats F(115/80) P(155/105) S(185/125)
20 Pull Ups F(Ring Rows) S(Chest to Bar)
50 Double Unders F(100 Singles)

WOD Tips:

–  A big focus for today’s WOD is the Front Squat from the floor. During the strength portion of today’s workout we will be building in a Squat Clean complex to get prepped for the workout. Use this as a chance to find the weight you plan to use in the workout, and try to build slightly heavier than that weight. In between the sets we will be alternating between a set of ring rows or kip swings. This will just be used as a chance to prep the body for the C2B, not something we will be scoring.
– “Heartbreak Kid” is a benchmark workout that we have done several times before (7/24/18 & 5/8/17).  This workout is on the shorter side for most people, the goal is to finish it in about 10 minutes or less.  The front squats should be heavier in this workout. This should be a weight that you can do the first round unbroken but may have to break up rounds 2 and 3 into two sets.  The pull ups are the meat of the workout for most athletes, so scale these where it will take you about 60-90 seconds to complete the pull ups each round. This is a workout you will want to pace a little on round 1 and then push hard on rounds 2 and 3.

BeachFit WOD:


Every 3:00 for 21:00

200 meter Run (Adv: 250m)

12-15 Wall Balls 

30 sec. of Heavy Dball Hold